eggPlant VNC temporarily freezes when searching

I’ve noticed that some image searches take a longer time to match because the eggPlant VNC appears to be out of sync.

I have the eggPalnt “Active Connection” open and another independent VNC connection open on another computer.

This is what I see:
0. eggPLant clicks on something that pops up an image

  1. eggPlant is waiting for a “WaitFor” or “ImageFound” to return
  2. In the Active Connection window, the image hasn’t come up yet
  3. In my independent VNC connection the image has already loaded.
  4. After a while (more than 30 secs) the eggPlant window is updated with the image, eggPlant matches it and the script goes on like this.

So how come the eggPlant Active Window doesn’t show the current status of the SUT for such a long period of time???

-I am testing a flash application, connected to the SUT using UltraVNC.
-Running eggPlant on Mac OS X 10.5.8

This could just be an issue with UltraVNC – it may even be due to the fact that you have two connections. I’ve never heard any other reports of this kind of delay of the screen updates. Have you tried running against RealVNC? I generally find that it’s a more reliable VNC server and has fewer issues than Ultra.