eggPlant v11 for Linux with true OCR functionality

Testplant has delivered the next generation of image-based GUI test tools with eggPlant v11. Integrating a true OCR engine, eggPlant can now read text or find specific text values on the screen, regardless of any font characteristics. This new functionality requires no additional user licenses or helper applications and is being delivered on all 3 of our supported platforms simultaneously. Current license holders are eligible to download this new version at no charge under their term license agreements.

[list][]Added a multi-purpose ReadText() function to read text from any screen using OCR.
]Added the ability to search all scripts in a suite.
[]Added find and replace capabilities to script editor.
]Added the ability to easily repeat part of a script for a given length of time, or until a specified time.
[*]Numerous other bug fixes and enhancements.[/list:u]

Release v11.01 (25-August-2011)
Bug Fixes / Tweaks:
[]Added the ability to specify image names for the SearchRectangle of an OCR mouse command.
]Fixed a problem with ReadText() when the searchRectangle was set.
[]Fixed a problem with the Script Editor context (eg: right-click) menu.
]Fixed a potential hang when connections needed to be re-established.
[]Added greater details when unable to verify a valid Floating License.
]Fixed a problem where the release notes could reopen every time the application launched.
[]Added support to run on SELinux platforms without needing “Permissive” set.
]Added support for UltraVNC 1.09 connections.
[*]Fixed a crash after setting the searchRectangle.[/list:u]

Release v11.02 (12-September-2011)
Bug Fixes / Tweaks:[list]
[]Added support for RedHat Enterprise 5 Distributions of Linux.
]Pastes from the main menu will now remove formatting characters and colors.
[]Made the ReadText and ReadTable commands conform to the RemoteWorkInterval delay before reading values from the screen.
]Fixed a problem with certain newline characters showing up in the logs.[/list:u]

Release v11.03 (09-October-2011)
[]Added embedded required libraries for OCR engine for compatibility on systems where libraries had been updated.
Bug Fixes / Tweaks:
]Properly restore connection size after a connection is closed abnormally.
[]Fixed a problem where Eggplant would allow scripts to fail when a connection was reconnecting.
]Fixed a problem where Eggplant would report no active connection when a connection was reconnecting.
[]Fixed a lockup problem when Eggplant is reconnecting while screen is being searched.
]Fixed the inability to using arrow keys in certain text fields within the Suite Window.
[]Fixed a crashing problem when an image in a sub-folder was selected when another image updated.
]Fixed a rare problem where images would not show up in the Images Tab after being added.
[]Removed temporary TEXT properties, with a , when using FoundImageInfo().
]Fixed a problem when iterating over the contents of certain arrays using by reference.
]Removed a spurious warning about the “Spell Checker” when running an ask or answer command.
[]Support Submit panel no longer submits when return is pressed.
]Fixed a problem when launching multiple instances of Eggplant simultaneously, reporting GSApplicationLock already locked.

Release v11.3 (25-May-2012)

[list]*New Mobile VNC Servers with broader mobile platform support
*Enhanced SendMail, including encryption support for Gmail and Exchange servers.
*Upgraded OCR for improved performance and stability[/list:u]
[list]*Support for Android devices with installed Remote Control Service (RCS) and VNC Server
Devices with a vendor signed RCS do not require root permission
*Support for USB connections
*Improved Performance and Stability for Mobile connections
*Added mobile device information available through the ConnectionInfo() function[/list:u]
Bug Fixes/Tweaks:
[list]*No longer restricted to running on a single CPU
*Fixed a problem where the Remote Screen was sent back with the show RemoteWindow command
*Fixed a problem entering licenses into the “No License” panel of the Floating License Server
*Allow specifying folders relative to a user directory (~) and allow creating multiple levels of directories when setting the GlobalResultFolder or an individual suite’s Result Folder[/list:u]
Additionally, improvements have been made regarding running from the Command Line/Drive, the User Interface, and Scripting.

[size=18]eggPlant v11.31 (28-June-2012)[/size]


  • Fixed a problem where eggPlant could hang if it unexpectedly lost connection to an Android device.
  • Fixed a problem where the size reported by RemoteScreenSize() was not adjusted after rotating a mobile device.


  • Added the ability to control the default mobile encoding with RealVNCDefaultEncoding. You can control this with:
set the RealVNCDefaultEncoding to ["JPEG","JRLE","ZRLE","TRLE","SLRLE" or "Raw"]
  • The Log area in the Run Window can now optionally store its output to the Result folder. You can control this with:
set the SaveRunLogOutput to [yes/no]
  • The Log area in the Run Window now has a maximum buffer length that it will display to limit memory growth.
  • Fixed a bug that would continue to report a result or return value in the AHDB for subsequent commands.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a tree passed as a parameter to be incorrectly treated as text when comparing it with another tree. This would result in incorrect comparison results in some cases.
  • Added missing value as a constant, for future use.

eggPlant Drive/Command Line:

  • Added support for resolving symlinks when calling scripts from CLI.
  • Fixed a problem where an Alert Panel could halt execution if a script or suite can’t be located.
  • Fixed a problem where hte content-length didn’t account for multi-byte characters in the response.
  • Fixed a problem where drive execute commands that did NOT generate a value for the result could still transmit data in the result property, this slowed down communication and created confusion.

Bug Fixes/Tweaks:

  • Major memory optimizations on logging and output commands.
  • Fixed a problem running eggPlant on a fresh install of Ubuntu 12.04.
  • Fixed an exception when trying to name an Image without specifying a Suite to save it into.
  • Removed unnecessary warnings about Unable to Load Suite for a custom object.
  • Fixed an exception when double clicking on an empty row in a Suite’s script list.
  • Fixed a bug (introduced in 11.0) where the RunHistory.csv would have (null) entries for scripts that had never run.

[size=18]eggPlant Release v11.32[/size]


  • Significant memory and performance improvements.


  • Improved performance of the Log area in the Run Window when the maximum buffer length is reached.
  • Added friendlier syntax for accessing some of the folders identified by the specialFolderPath function:
put the home folder 
put the temporary folder 
put the documents folder 
put the desktop folder
  • Improved error reporting for syntax errors caused by unrecognized Unicode characters.

Bug Fixes/Tweaks:

  • Memory optimizations for scripts that create objects.
  • Major memory optimizations when running many suites which all list each other as Helpers.
  • Fixed a bug where Test Images would appear faded in the Image Viewer.

[size=18]eggPlant Release v11.33 (31-July-2012) [/size]

Bug Fixes/Tweaks:

  • Fix a buffer overrun that could corrupt memory when loading a script
  • Fix a problem with eggPlant trying to create a file/folder when it lacked permissions.
  • Memory logging is no longer enabled by deafult, to enable it use:
setDefaults "GSMemoryLoggingFile","LogFileName"