Eggplant tells me "License already in use"

When I start Eggplant a warning states that Eggplant only finds one license and that this already seems to be in use. I can either select Proceed and go the license dialog or I can simply quit and try again. After a couple of restarts Eggplant will start. It is quite annoying since Eggplant often qoes into sleep for a while before I can restart it.

I found this post on the subject, but it didn’t provide a solution to the problem:


The current release (4.0) has a small timing bug that has been showing up on faster computers. It has been addressed for the 4.1 release due out shortly.

A fairly simple workaround is to say “Proceed” which will bring up the license information, then you can close the license panel and it will recheck your licenses and launch Eggplant normally.


I am using Eggplant 4.1, and it does not fix the licensing problem alluded to in this thread. I am having intermittent success with proceeding to the licensing panel to get around this. Is there a real fix forthcoming?

Since we purchased this license, it would be nice if the fully licensed product started up as cleanly as the trial product did.

Thanks in advance for any further help on this matter.


Steve 'Sullivan

What version of Mac OS X are you running?

Hello Jonathan,

I am running 10.5.4. Sorry for not coming back sooner!


Steve O’Sullivan

There are some known DNS bugs in 10.5 that are the base problem here. We are working to provide a fix in the next release of Eggplant. In the meantime you might get some relief on this problem by using an approved DNS server like OpenDNS which offers –
& to public use.

Let us know if that workaround helps for now.