Eggplant - Standalone tool capability

When can the Eggplant be available as a Standalone tool? The standalone capability will be a huge advantage.

What do you mean by “standalone tool”? eggPlant is a standalone tool in that it doesn’t work inside another application. If you mean using it without making a connection to a SUT, then the answer is that it will probably never work without making a connection to a SUT. If it worked without connecting to a SUT, then it would [have to] be a completely different tool. Not connecting to a SUT is actually a very limiting approach to testing.

It would be nice if we have an option of running Eggplant on SUT with out VNC Server.

Some times I face issues related to VNC Server disconnections while running a script.

eggPlant is built around the VNC protocol. In order for it to work against an application on the same system on which it is running without VNC, it would have to be completely rewritten. If you are having problems with the connection dropping, you should email TestPlant support and open a support case.