Eggplant SDK missing Headerfile


I’m trying to develop my first xmodule for Eggplant. I downloaded the SDK and requestet a new license. In the example pdf (attached file) which has been in the sdk package I have to include the SenseTalkEngine header file. The problem now is that I don’t have any glue where to get the file. I can’t find it on my mac I can’t find any reference with google. Does anyone of you have na idea where I can get that file. Has anyone of you expirience with the Eggplant SDK?

Thanks in advance
Regards Klaus

The SenseTalkEngine is a framework that is included within Eggplant. Unfortunately, the instructions for locating it weren’t included in the SDK documentation you received. We’ve updated the documentation and it will be available soon, but here’s the information you need:

The SenseTalk Engine is present on your computer as a framework within the Eggplant application. To develop XModules, you’ll need to make the SenseTalkEngine.framework accessible during the build process. This can be done by copying or linking the framework from the Eggplant application to the /Library/Frameworks directory.

To locate the framework, select Eggplant in the Finder and either Right-click or Control-click it to bring up a context menu, then choose Show Package Contents from the context menu. Drill down to Contents/Frameworks to find the SenseTalkEngine.framework. To copy the framework, hold down the Option key while dragging it to your /Library/Frameworks folder. Be sure to hold down the Option key while dragging to make a copy of the framework rather than moving it so the SenseTalkEngine will still be present in Eggplant, too!

Thanks a lot for your description. Works fine, but I also needed a copy of the TSFoundation.framework folder. So don’t forget to mention that in the update of the SDK documentation.


Thanks for pointing that out. We’ll be sure to include that in the final documentation.

I’m glad it’s working for you now. Let us know if you have any other questions.