EggPlant not identifying the disabled text thro' Find Text

Kindly let us know how to identify the disabled text thro’ EggPlant.
We tried using Find Text option, which is not finding the disabled text.

Disabled text is probably too low contrast for the OCR. You would need to use the Contrast and ContrastColor parameters to make it easier to read:

put ImageLocation((text:"Disabled", contrast:ON, contrastColor:(186,186,186), contrastTolerance:20))

You would need to determine what the right color value would be based on the gray of the grayed out text. You also need to reduce the contrastTolerance as I have done here because your gray is likely too close to white to use the standard contrastTolerance (45). If you determined the gray was around (210,210,210), then the default contrastTolerance would include white ((255,255,255)). The other way of handling this is to set the contrast color to white and reduce the contrastTolerance so that it doesn’t include the gray values:

put ImageLocation((text:"Disabled", contrast:ON, contrastColor:white, contrastTolerance:20))

Again, you would need to determine the primary gray color in the text (there are probably many different shades used when you look at it at the pixel level), and make sure that the the contrastTolerance is less than the smallest difference between (255, 255, 255) and the (r,g,b) values of the gray.