Eggplant giving exception No remote connection


when I execute the below code, it is going inside the loop for 2 or 3 iterations and then eggplant stucks and after some time no remote connection available exception is thrown. “image0” appears for 5-10 sec and then disappears.

repeat until not imagefound(“image0”)
wait 1
put “image exists”
end repeat

May I know why it is happening like that?


I’m unable to duplicate the VNC problem with the code that you had provided. I executed your loop with Realvnc 4.1.1, OSXvnc 1.61, and Tightvnc 1.3dev7 with all search types.

Perhaps there is a problem with your network settings? I would start out by checking out what the IP address of the SUT and Eggplant machine is. It’s possible that these two machines have the same IP address assigned to them.

Thank you for support
Actually it has executed the loop for the first time on the SUT.
If I execute the same on new SUT the same loop is working fine for the first time. From the second time onwards it is stuck after 2-3 iterations of the loop and it is not coming out of the loop and throwing the exception of “No remote Connection” after 10 to 15 min.

I checked the IP addresses of the Eggplant and SUT.



What VNC are you using? More precisely, what platform are you running this script against?

I am using VNC server 4.0 for win32.
I checked with 2 SUTs(Win XP, 2000)
First time it was executed perfectly.
From the second time onwards it is giving problems.

I’m sill not having any success in reproducing your issue. Is there any additional code to shed some light upon this issue?

Try upgrading to the latest Version of RealVNC. I believe they fixed a number of bugs in their latest version. You might also want to try restarting your Windows SUT.

Also, it seems like it’s pretty consistent with your script that you are running. Do you encounter this problem while running other code? Do you have any anti-virus software running that could be interfering with the connection?

Also, upon disconnect does the RealVNC tray icon remain black or does it turn white? Is the option, for the RealVNC server, to disconnect idle clients set below 3600?