EggPlant General info sharing

Dear Eggplant user,
We are using eggplant tool for testing our GUI application for more than 2 years now.We still couldnt find out many different things related to eggplant.We are looking for some good advice on the same.

Right now we have different automation testcases which can be run both windows and mac environment and we have eggplant mac server.

1)How do u organise the results in your organisation?
We get report from eggplant server but its not enough to show this to management,we are looking for something like Dashboard solution.We have tried Eggplant manager but its not upto the expectation

  1. How do u schedule the test?Any good external tools?
    My requirement that,i want to run smoke testing as soon as i have new build available from bamboo server and the result displayed in dashboard

  2. is there any one good at Eggplant can work for us to give the right solution?We will be happy to pay for your solution if you have something available already.

  3. is there anyway i can also run only failed testcases and make a single result?

  4. is there any one in Europe who can share knowledge with us which helps me to understand more detail?i can visit your place as well if needed and if its with in europe.

Any info related to your environment which helps me to build best automation environment at our office.


Any one?Support team,do u have some guidelines?