Eggplant Functional support for citrix connection

According to this Eggplant Functional can connect to remote SUT via VNC or RDP. Is there a way to connect via a citrix connection? If yes, any documentation or tips on how to set this up would be helpful. If not, are there any work around you suggest?


Presently I connect to Citrix environments of a variety of different flavors (Storefront, XenApp, Citrix Desktop). The “trick” is to establish a SUT connection (RDP or VNC) to a virtual machine running a compatible browser and on which VM the appropriate Citrix client is installed. The script launches the browser, navigates to the Citrix jump off address, and accesses the Citrix environment in the same way that an end user would.
Let me know if this doesn’t answer your question.

Yes. Thank you. That answered my question.