eggPlant for Windows 7?

I was just wondering if anybody runs eggPlant on Windows 7 or if there are any plans to start supporting Windows 7 in the near future?

Just to be very clear, all versions of Eggplant can be used to TEST Windows 7. For this you just need a good VNC server install on the System-Under-Test. For Windows 7 we recommend the Personal or Enterprise version of RealVNC(Commercial) or the UltraVNC server(free). The Free Edition of RealVNC does not have good Windows 7 support.

As far as RUNNING Eggplant itself, currently we only support running Eggplant on Windows XP. We do have plans to add Windows 7 support in the future but no date has been set.

For anyone that is interested in Windows 7 support we really need you to contact your account manager (or and let them know about your needs – we aim to please and this helps us prioritize our development.