eggPlant for Windows 10.3

Existing v10 users can download eggPlant 10.3 for Windows from the downloads page of our website. Please review the release notes in the help viewer for a complete list of changes since the previous version.

[]Full Support for Microsoft Windows 7.
]Added the ability to search all scripts in a suite.
[]Added find and replace capabilities to script editor.
]Fixed a number of bugs and compatibility issues.

User Interface

[]Added a Search Field for Scripts, search by Filenames or Content.
]Prevent accidentally saving an image name that conflicts with an existing collection or other format image.
[]Added a Last Run column to the Script list that shows the time and success state of the latest run, clicking it will take you to the results.
]Added find and replace capabilities to script editor.


[]Added a textual Status column to the Connection List.
]Fixed a problem typing symbol keys like !@#$%^&() in live mode.
]Optimized the use of limited system resources when repeatedly connecting/disconnect during a script .


[]Added the ability to send email attachments using the SendMail command.
]Fixed a crashing/memory problem when setting the SearchRectangle’s repeatedly in a script.

Bug Fixes/Tweaks

[]Improvements to the UI behavior of all search fields.
]Toolbar icons should no longer show up as huge in some situations.
[*]Improved ability to open external resources like URL’s and text files in other applications.[/list:u]