Eggplant Eats My Clipboard

I’ve noticed that when Eggplant launched and but not even running a test… that my OSX 10.7 Clipboard is wonky…

Often COPY or CUT won’t work.

Any tips?

Are you connecting to yourself with VNC?

(Possibly to an off-screen user)?

I have logmein running in the background, screen sharing one… I use screen sharing to go to 3 other machines… probably one of those.

I think what is likely is that by running different clipboard sharing programs you are creating a loop that results in the clipboard being deleted. We specifically have stuff in Eggplant and Vine to detect this and short-circuit, but that won’t work if you introduce a different Clipboard sharing mechanism (including other VNC’s).

This includes VNC, LogMeIn(Hamachi) and Virtual Machines which usually do clipboard sharing. For all of these services you probably should have one and only one service set to share the clipboard.

Yeeeup, I’m also running Virtual Box. 2 of them.