Eggplant Drive vs Master Script

Hi there,

I’ve been researching ways to batch up Eggplant scripts in a method which is a good fit and was intending to use a Master Script to drive our tests.

I’ve just started looking through the ‘Eggplant Drive’ reference document though and this sounds quite promising.

Has anyone got any experience of using the Eggplant drive process? How does it compare with using a Master Script to control script execution?

The reference document states that it can be achieved from QTP which uses vbscript, but is it also possible from Excel/VBA?

Thanks in advance,


I guess not a lot of people use Eggplant Drive then?

I’ve decided to go with the approach of calling Eggplant using the runscript.bat so this question is no longer relevant from my point of view.

However if anyone has used Eggplant Driver perhaps a few thoughts on your experience here will help others in the future?



Eggplant Drive uses XML-RPC for its communication with other processes, so it can be called from any language/environment that supports XML-RPC. I’m not an expert on the various versions of Visual Basic, but I believe it should be possible to call Eggplant Drive from most of them.

Note that eggPlant Drive was released around a month ago, so no, at present, not a lot of people have had the chance to use it. If you did decide to try it in the scenario you describe, posting your own experience with it here would be beneficial to those less-pioneering souls who come after you.

I decided not to go with Eggplant Drive in the end, I’m using the option to execute via a command line instead then capturing the results from the csv and log files to display in a custom html report.

Seems to be working ok for now, but will bear Eggplant Drive in mind for the future.