eggPlant drive (eggOn) takes screenshots too often

Is there a way to prevent when using eggplant drive that between each command a screenshot would not be taken from device (iOS)?

This causes the timing between clicks to be too long, meaning clicking several times quickly on screen is not possible.

I don’t know what this refers to. eggPlant Drive doesn’t take screenshots and has nothing to do with eggOn. eggOn doesn’t take screenshots either.

Hi Matt,

Yes it does. We are using eggOn together with eggplannt drive (the command line API) by using just the execution license. Whenever you send any command over the drive to eggon it takes a screenshot from the ios device. This makes it impossible to click faster than screenshotting takes.

Using eggon through drive works fine otherwise.

Br, Vesa

It doesn’t take a screenshot, per se, but it does have to get an update from the VNC server or else it has no way of seeing what’s on the screen. There’s no alternative to that.

Yey, but you see this happens when no update is needed. It makes eggon quite useless for some test cases. Some commands where you just click on a coordinate should not require update from vnc server. Isnt this quite obvious or what? :slight_smile:

It’s built into eggPlant that it gets an update before interacting with the SUT. I think it’s the nature of how the screen buffer is accessed on iOS that there isn’t any choice but to get the whole screen – there are no incremental updates available.

Yeah, That is unfortunste.

It makes it quite useless for some of our testcases, luckily only select few. I reckon it needs a design change on drive side to work like we would like.

Thanks anyway. We will look into other options also…