Eggplant Crashes

I?m getting a critical error from Eggplant whenever I try to interact with an application running in IE by right clicking and choosing an action (such as Click). I?m unable to do anything with the tool because of this error.

This happens on any Win XP application and any Linux app. These are the only two OS’s I’ve tried and it happens in both.

Screen shot attached.

Any ideas?

This exception (it’s not a crash) is currently thrown when you don’t have a script or suite open, and you try to capture an image. There is supposed to just be a warning on the Save panel when this happens, but currently it’s throwing an exception on XP and Win 7 (it seems to be working properly on Vista, of all things). Once this happens eggPlant is in a faulted state and the only fix is to relaunch the app. So just make sure you have a script or suite open when you are capturing an image and you shouldn’t run into this problem. We should have it fixed in the next release.