Eggplant can't find script that is in an Open Suite

My Eggplant script works great! Then I reboot my Mac. Then my Eggplant script is very very sad and can’t find a script that it was finding just two minutes ago.

Tell me why this script should not find SetupEnvironment. Please.

2007-03-19 19:24:12.393 runscript[8803] Successfully Loaded XModule /Applications/
2007-03-19 19:24:12.911 runscript[8803] Approved License: Name = com.altera.2R, Remark = , Serial = 7104, Users = 3
runscript (3.31) running in FULL mode on Host:9362328c.
Mon, 3/19/07 7:24:13 PM 3/19/07 opensuite /data/ejamesbe/source/qa/7.1/NiosII/Automated/GUI/NiosII/lib.suite
Mon, 3/19/07 7:24:14 PM 3/19/07 opensuite /data/ejamesbe/source/qa/7.1/NiosII/Automated/GUI/lib/Env.suite
Mon, 3/19/07 7:24:14 PM 3/19/07 opensuite /data/ejamesbe/source/qa/7.1/NiosII/Automated/GUI/lib/SUT.suite
Suites open are:
The current folder is: ‘/private/var/automount/data/ejamesbe/source/qa/7.1/NiosII/Automated/GUI/ACE_Scripts/’
ls GUI: ACE_Scripts

ls GUI/lib: Env.suite

ls GUI/lib/Env.suite: Images

ls GUI/lib/Env.suite/Scripts: PrintScriptResults.script

ls GUI/NiosII: Tests.suite

2007-03-19 19:24:15.016 runscript[8803] STUnknownCommand:
ERROR: No Handler Found for Command message: ‘setupenvironment’
2007-03-19 19:24:16.022 runscript[8803] Completed EggplantTestScript Tests.suite - Confusion.script

Here is my Confusion.script:
set the CommandLineOutput to “On”
set the ScriptLogging to “On”

OpenSuite “/data/ejamesbe/source/qa/7.1/NiosII/Automated/GUI/NiosII/lib”
OpenSuite “/data/ejamesbe/source/qa/7.1/NiosII/Automated/GUI/lib/Env”
OpenSuite “/data/ejamesbe/source/qa/7.1/NiosII/Automated/GUI/lib/SUT”

put “Suites open are:”
repeat with each item of OpenSuites()
put it
end repeat

put “The current folder is: '” & the folder & “’”

put “ls GUI:” && shell (“ls /data/ejamesbe/source/qa/7.1/NiosII/Automated/GUI”)
put “ls GUI/lib:” && shell (“ls /data/ejamesbe/source/qa/7.1/NiosII/Automated/GUI/lib”)
put “ls GUI/lib/Env.suite:” && shell (“ls /data/ejamesbe/source/qa/7.1/NiosII/Automated/GUI/lib/Env.suite”)
put “ls GUI/lib/Env.suite/Scripts:” && shell (“ls /data/ejamesbe/source/qa/7.1/NiosII/Automated/GUI/lib/Env.suite/Scripts”)
put “ls GUI/NiosII:” && shell (“ls /data/ejamesbe/source/qa/7.1/NiosII/Automated/GUI/NiosII”)



I’ve narrowed the problem down significantly.

I make a simple suite and put in it two scripts: Main and SubScript. I call SubScript from Main. SubScript prints out a hello message.

When I make this simple suite on my local Mac drive, all is well.

When I make this simple suite on my mounted network drive, I get an error message that SubScript cannot be found:

Tue, 3/20/07 10:08:46 AM 3/20/07 START Running Main.script
Tue, 3/20/07 10:08:47 AM 3/20/07 FAILURE STUnknownCommand ERROR: No Handler Found for Command message: ‘subscript’
Execution Time 0:00:00 Main.script

I don’t understand why Eggplant can execute this script from a local drive but not execute it from a networked drive. I didn’t copy the script from the local to the networked drive - I created it on the networked drive using Eggplant, exactly the same as I created the local drive version. How can Eggplant let me create this very simple test on a networked drive, but not let me execute it?

I am using version 3.31, although I’m sure I’ve been having this flaky problem for quite a while now. I say flaky because while the planets are aligned just right, my scripts work. Then something goes haywire (often after rebooting the mac) and then I’m in H-E double toothpicks again.

Thanks for looking into this problem!

More info on the problem. The same two suites as above: 1 saved on a mounted network disk, one saved on the local disk.

I removed SubScript from the networked suite.

I changed the networked main.script to use the local SubScript, like this:

OpenSuite “/edjtmp/Lost/ASuite”

This works.

When I run my Main.script from the network-mounted drive, but tell it to use the (one and only) SubScript.script from the local drive, it starts working.

My subscript is being found when Eggplant looks on the local disk. It is not found when Eggplant looks on the networked disk.