Eggplant can't connect to VNC server in the VMWare

I run Leopard in VMWare on a PC.
Use Bridge as network connection.
Leopard in VMWare can open the website.
But I can’t use eggplant to connect the VNC server in the VMWare.
Does anyone meet the same problem before?


Some questions to help us understand your problem:
[list]What VNC server are you running in Leopard?
What error(s) do you get when trying to connect?
Are you running any firewall or filtering software on the VMWare machine?
Is Eggplant itself running in the VMWare image or in another Mac OS X session?

VNC server 3.1,
eggplant runs on other Mac, VMware machine(leopard image) runs vnc server.
I don’t open fireware on VMware.
I try to connect the vnc, it always tells “connection failed: error resolving host”

This error generally indicates a DNS failure to resolve the host. Please try using the IP address of the target machine.

For further information please refer to the Troubleshooting Connection Issues section of Using Eggplant.