Eggplant 4.12 and Snow Leopard VNC Problems?

Running Eggplant 4.12. Upgraded to Snow Leopard. Now I can connect to a PC but no refresh in the viewer. I checked the forums and saw messages about upgrading the Vine Viewer to 3.1. That didn’t work (probably because I’m using Eggplant and not the Vine Viewer but it was worth a shot).

Is this something that is fixed in Eggplant 10 and I’m just stuck if I’m still using 4.12?

Yes, changes appeared in Snow Leopard that prevent eggPlant v4 from displaying properly. This issue was described in a Technical Bulletin that was sent to all known eggPlant users in September. The issue is addressed in eggPlant v10. Please contact sales_at_tesplant_dot_com to discuss upgrade options.