Eggplant 3.0: Bug - double quotes

Under capture mode, when I click on ADD IMAGE, it will add another set of quotes instead of one pair.

example: ClickAny “image0001”,"“image0002"”

BTW, how do I setup Report Bug. I checked in the Eggplant preferences and I’m not sure what SMTP server I should be using if I’m on an exchange server.

Penny :smiley:


Thanks for the report – we’ll look into fixing the double quotes.

The value of the new EP 3.0 Bug Reporting (on the Help Menu) is that you shouldn’t need to configure any email settings – it should just submit the bug through our web form for you.

Thanks for the response.

re: Eggplant support via Help menu
When I try to click on the submit support request button it doesn’t do anything it still looks like a pulsing blue button so I’m not sure if it sent it out or not. It doesn’t seem like it did.

The Email and Subject fields are required, and must be filled in for the form to be submitted. If you click the “Submit Support Request” button without doing that, it beeps and turns the name of the empty field red. I’m guessing that’s what you’re seeing (we didn’t receive your request).