Eggplant 2.21 won't able to connect to my Mac OS 9 SUT.

The Eggplant 2.21 won’t able to connect to my Mac OS 9 SUT using OS9vnc 3.5.0. In the previous Eggplant release, I did not encounter this problem. My Eggplant server is Panther (10.3.9).

Hope to hear you soon. Thanks.

Yes, there seems to be a problem. But what I am finding is that it can’t maintain the connection initially, but if I click the “Cancel” button, then it will connect. You need to give it a few seconds – it will initially say “Connection terminated by user”, but then it will go ahead and reconnect on its own. After that, I can disconnect and reconnect with no problems, at least for the duration of that Eggplant session. Please let us know if that procedure allows you to connect.


Using your procedure, still I can’t connect. After canceling, it tries to connect again but still it can’t. Hope you can give me another workaround to this problem. Thanks.