Eggplant 11.31


I am using the eggPlant version 11.31, this version should allow to execute the eggplant.script without *.bat file.

Does any one familiar with the syntax for this new version?
It is related to eggplant Drive.

Linh N.

I think you will want to review the eggPlant Drive documentation which you can get here: eggPlant Drive for Windows Manual.

But if that doesn’t answer your questions then feel free to post again.

In the eggplant Drive manual shows how to launch it:
C:\Program Files\Eggplant\runscript.bat” -driveport 5400

However, I am using the *.bat file right now to execute my script. I would like to know how to bypass *.bat file and call the eggplant script directly from my main procedure.

Linh N.

I believe that working with support we got you up and running. Just to clarify in case anyone else has this same question. The .bat file sets up some basic environment variables (which are required) and then invokes the Eggplant executable.

The batch files are the expected way to launch eggPlant, either to run the GUI, the Command Line, or Drive Mode.