Egg plant compatability with Playstation, BDD

Hello All,

I’m assessing Egg plant too for my project. Could you please answer following 2 queries.

i. Has anyone used Eggplant to test browsers in PS3, PS4, Playstation ?

ii. Does eggplant support Behavior Driven development approach. In my current project using Selenium + Cucumber for browser testing in desktop. Kindly advise if any BDD framework available for Eggplant.


i. We have had customers using eggPlant Functional to test browsers on the PS3. We believe they had an adaptor that allowed driving hte PS3 via USB (keyboard/mouse), and so they used eggPlant Functional in combination with an IP-KVM switch. You can read about using a KVM switch in our documentation here:

ii. Many of our customers use a BDD approach in their testing. eggPlant Functional has full support for shared functions and libraries. People use these shared functions as Given/When/Then statements and then have higher-level eggPlant Functional scripts that call these functions with different parameters and in different combinations. We can combine this with data-driven testing to run the same operations with thousands of different data values. If you are specifically asking whether we support the Gherkin language, then we do not. This is something we are intending to add, but the same effect can easily be achieved using normal functions.