EDMailAgentException Authentication failed

I am trying for “sendmail” function to work, but it is giving me the following exception:

EDMailAgentException Authentication failed.
My Code looks like this:

sendmail(smtp_host:“something.NET”, smtp_type:“Login”, smtp_user:"user@test.net", smtp_password:“1234”, to:"xyz@test.com", from:"user@test.net",subject:“Screen Capture from Eggplant”,attachment:“C://iStay2-Eggplant_Script/Data/iHResult.txt”)

Any Ideas?

The message indicates that the mail server did not authenticate on the credentials that you provided. If this is an Exchange server, you may be able to get it to work by enabling SMTP on the server, but by default Exchange servers use a proprietary Microsoft authentication scheme that we are not currently able provide support for in eggPlant.

After entering the correct attributes,i am getting the below exception with attachement

NSInternalInconsistencyException NSString+Extensions.m:400 Assertion failed in NSString(instance), method _contentTypeExtensionMapping. Problem with MIME.plist

whereas without attachment the mail is send.
Even i included content-type attribute but still getting the same exception.
Am i missing something?Please suggest!!

This looks like it may be a bug in the implementation of the sendmail command on the Windows version.

So will it be considered for fixing in next version?

Because this feature is a must for our scheme of things.

We’ll definitely look at fixing it for a future release, but I can’t guess at a timetable for that right now.

While not ideal, a workaround for the near term might be to simply include the file contents in the body of the email:

put "logfile.txt" into myFile
sendmail (to: "me@mycompany.com", subject: "Test failed", body: "The very important test script generated an error:" & return & file myFile)