Dynamic Values


I’ve a scenario to test the performance of mobile application (particular form) while scanning/entering max no. of barcodes.

I’ve created .txt file that includes sample barcodes (say 10000 barcodes).

Aim is, once I fire up the script, which will add those barcodes into the field but for each barcode user has to press enter which will add that barcode.

For example-

  1. I’ve a button [Add].
  2. Press [Add] will create blank text field where user can enter barcode (11 character barcode).
  3. Once barcode entered, user will press done or enter to finish the action. Now field generated with the barcode as entered.
  4. Repeat step 1 to 3 for no. of times to check the form that handles max no. of barcodes (say 10000 barcodes).

Could someone please assist me here?

Many Thanks,

It sounds like you’re looking at doing some data-driven testing here. You can do this easily with eggPlant Functional by using a Repeat loop to iterate through each line or value in the file and execute the same set of actions over and over again with each value.
This page talks about script structure, and how to use Repeat loops, etc.: http://docs.testplant.com/?q=content/script-structure-and-control-flow
Please see our documentation on data-driven testing here: http://docs.testplant.com/?q=content/gathering-and-using-data#data-driven-testing
This page shows some example code for data driven testing with .txt files as you are doing: http://docs.testplant.com/?q=content/data-driven-test

Also feel free to write in to TestPlant support if you have questions about how to implement this in your environment!