Dual screen support?

I’ve been using Vine Server on my Mac (10.4.11) at work, so that I can remote in from my Windows or Linux boxes at home, but I’ve run into the problem that anything on my second monitor (on the mac) is pretty much inaccessible.

In about a year old thread, someone asked about support for dual monitor screens in vine server, and the response was that it was “on our list as a future enhancement”. Has this feature been implemented?

If not, does anyone know of a mac-friendly vnc server I could use in the meantime that does? I’d prefer to stick with Vine because it works great, but I need that second screen.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

That feature hasn’t been fully implemented yet I’m afraid. The Apple Remote Desktop server (configured to allow VNC connections) does support multiple screens I believe.

Do you actually need the screen or do you have windows stuck in it you would like to see via VNC?
I had the opposite problem, I did not want to see the 2nd screen as it takes too much bandwidth, but I do need some of the windows that show up on the 2nd screen.
With Leopard I use space to “find” windows on the 2nd screen and drag them to the main screen if I need them.