DRIVE - "Warning: Didn't get timely update from VNC Ser

We have seen the following error two times in a row while using Drive to execute some eggPlant scripts:

2013-04-05 15:51:32.716 Eggplant[12560] Warning: Didn’t get timely update from VNC Server (12.00) - RequireSync preference is ON, trying to reconnect
2013-04-05 15:51:51.194 Eggplant[12560] Unable to sync with VNC Thread, trying one last time…

This happens at the same point, right after a LONG (hour or longer) running script starts.

Any ideas why this is happening and what we might do to prevent it?

This can happen when the VNC server isn’t responding properly when asked for screen updates.

Unfortunately that can happen with RealVNC 5.x servers. eggPlant will try to reconnect to force a screen update. You can disable this behavior by setting this preference in a terminal:

defaults write Eggplant RequireSync NO"

Doing so can mean that your scripts will be less tolerant of transitional elements on the SUT, but you will see warnings in the Console if that’s occurring.