Drag and drop a point while holding it (iOS)


Im Chung N.
Recently, Im working on a project iOS platform and use Eggplant for automation test. I got a trouble when attempt to drag and drop with holding before dragging. For further detail for this situation, I have a object on the world map. I need drag this object to somewhere on the map. To select the object, I must touch and hold at least 1 second. After that, drag to the desire location and drop it at there. It’s possible completely when doing this manually. But all we need, it’s doing by automation step using Eggplant. I’ve tried many ways such as Press (loc) -> wait -> release and DragAndDrop after, etc… So did anyone know any solution? Please share with me, or give me alternative ways or even talk to me your opinion/suggestion.

Thank for your time you spend to read this post.

Some suggestions have been provided via email.