Does paste work for you with a Linux VNC server?

Hi all,

I’m using the Vine VNC Viewer to connect to my Linux server. I find that pasting from the Mac (viewer) side to the Linux (server) side does not work. Whenever I choose “paste” in an application running under Linux (e.g. Firefox), I always get whatever was last copied to the clipboard inside Linux; it never picks up changes to the clipboard that happened on the Mac side, as it is apparently supposed to.

If there are any Linux users out there, I would be interested in hearing your experience with this. Does this work for you?

Thanks in advance for your help.

The way X11 applications work (the window server in Linux is usually X11) with the system clipboard via selections varies from X11 applications. Some sync properly to the system wide X11 clipboard, some do not. Ensure the application in question is working properly. The VNC Server on your Linux box should be syncing by default properly to the system clipboard. Its more an issue if the X11 application is syncing as well so that it can get the latest clipboard data.

Todd, thanks for that clarification. Yes, the server X11 applications are syncing correctly with the server X11 clipboard. That is, I can cut and paste between different X11 applications, and each picks up changes to the clipboard made by other X11 applications. Emacs is a notable exception (being notable for wanting to maintain its own clipboard), and so it is not a good test for this, but Firefox, Thunderbird, xterm, gimp, etc. all work fine with the X11 clipboard, but that clipboard never picks up changes from the Mac.

Do clipboard changes by any chance sync over a different TCP port than the main connection?

All vnc communication: video, keys, mouse, and clipboard is through a single port.