Does eggPlant support Flex / Air mobile applications?

I need to provide automated testing coverage to a Flex / Air mobile application. Does eggPlant support that type of configuration?
Do I need any other TestPlant product of just eggPlant Functional?


Since eggPlant Functional is an image-based testing tool, it does not matter what the development environment or underlying code of the application under test is, eggplant Functional will be able to test against it.

The only other piece that is required is a VNC Server which must be installed on the device where your application under test is running. This is a non-invasive method which allows eggPlant Functional to control the device under test with mouse and keyboard events (or touch events in the case of a mobile device).

The type of VNC Server you use will depend on what platform of device you are looking to test, and possibly the version of the OS. Please See our mobile downloads page to find out what VNC servers to use on different mobile platforms: