Displaying '//Comments' in the 'LogFile.txt'.

Hi there,

I’m wondering if there is a way to display script comments in the log file? The goal is to the parse the log file using python and displaying the results on our wiki. Specifically, I’d like grab the comments for the failures that occur in the script. I have a work-around, but it will take sometime to update all the scripts with the specifics of each test. Below is an example of the work-around:

log “The script failed at this location: Blah blah blah”


Hi Shawn–

Currently, there is no function for including comments in the log, as the log is a record of script actions, and since comments are not script actions, they aren’t included. I will pass along this suggestion to the developers for consideration in a future version of Eggplant.

Your alternate solution is the way I would do it, except I would probably use the LogError command so that the script is flagged as failing and then you have an accurate error count. Page 131 in the Eggplant Reference section of the help will give you even more information on how to influence the reports.

Hope this helps

Thanks for the reply and I’ll give the LogError command a go.