Display info. message on SUT

:idea: A possible enhancement similar to SenseTalk’s Answer would be to have an informational message passed for display on the System Under Test.
I was de-bugging a script and forgot I had set the first attempt to fail – when I saw the failure on the SUT, I hit Abort. If a message using a similar technique to “Answer” came up on the SUT, I would have been reminded that the step was designed to fail and the test should continue. Adding variables for duration and beep would be icing on the cake for me.

            Many thanks, Bruce

Hi, Bruce:

This is the second time in the last week or so that someone has suggested/requested such a feature. While I can see how it could be useful, I’m afraid that there’s no good mechanism to bend to this task.

As you know, VNC is the only component of the Eggplant system that is running on the SUT, so to provide this feature on any given OS, we would have to modify the VNC server for that platform to include the ability to present the message. And I don’t believe that there’s anything in the standard VNC protocol that can be leveraged for this. It’s conceivable that we could modify OSXvnc to do this, but that leaves all the other platforms with no such support.

So, we’ll add it to the list of requested features, but I wouldn’t look for it in Eggplant anytime soon.


OK… My current work-around is using Answer and Beep on the testing system to get my attention for reminders like this.

Duration and possibly beep parameters for Answer would still be desirable in the future if able.

Thanks again, Bruce