discrepancy - auto handling

Hi ,

My application image changes quite frequently and the discrepancy between old and new is less than 3 percent. Though i capture image with tolerance level high. is there any way I can take control of image doctor with my script. what I mean is

  1. Stript does not find a particular image.
  2. Image doctor Pops Up.
  3. Search image option is activated (intrinsic)
  4. If the discripancy is less than 3%, new Image is captured on its own.
  5. Script moves on.
  6. I am happy.

If you set the Image Doctor to Auto, eggPlant will run it in the background and if it is able to find the image using a different search type, it will modify that image in memory and use it. The image will not be permanently changed. So that you know this has happened, eggPlant will log a warning message in the results and will capture a screenshot for reference.

If it’s just one image that’s an issue, you can even change the Image Doctor setting on the fly from within your script:

put the imageDoctor into ID -- store the current setting
set the ImageDoctor to "Auto" -- set it to automatic
Click "myImage"
set the ImageDoctor to ID -- restore the original setting

I hope that helps.