Disconnect then reconnect doesn't save SUT window position

When being disconnected (via logging in or manually) from a SUT, upon reconnecting , Version 11 doesn’t remember where the window was the last time it was connected.
I have a 2 displays on my Eggplant machine, and i always want the SUT on the second display. V10 used to remember the position.

Pure mac environment.

To reproduce:
Open a SUT connection
move the window to a different place.
[Window is in default position]

Originally, the window wasn’t remembering the size or Fit to window setting either. I got that to stick by quitting out of eggplant while the window was open. But that doesn’t work for the window position.
Any thoughts? This comes up often as it disconnects when logging in.

There do appear to be some cases in v11 where the windows position isn’t properly saved (although it does sometimes save it).

Any observations on your end might help us in narrowing it down; because it’s definitely something we want to fix.

It seems to be saving it now. Dunnowhy.

Our own testing has determined that this occurs when a connection fails (but not when one is closed properly).

We will have it fixed in a future release, so that even on failed connections it stored the location and size.