disable or limit copy & paste?

when installing a new application, I like to copy the icon from the disk image, then paste it into /Applications

However, when doing this on a remove machine, Vine tries to transfer the entire application over the wire! yikes!

Is there any way to disable the copy/paste? or better, limit it to say, 100k?


It’s a good suggestion but right now there aren’t any “quickie” ways to do that (Vine Server does have an option to disable Rich Clipboard support, but it requires a restart).

We’ll see about adding that in the future.

Although I’m a little confused about the usage – we shouldn’t try to copy it (over the wire) unless you try to paste it. Can you clearly describe what you select when you hit copy and what you are intending to do on the remote machine?

I am using the Vine Server built into Mac Helpmate, and my own licensed copy of View Viewer.

Vine Viewer is connected to localhost:port#

When I hit Command C, then whatever file I have copied starts coming down over the ssh tunnel.

Worse, I can’t kill Vine Viewer, I am stuck until it transfers. Not even stopping the ssh tunnel makes the viewer give up. REALLY annoying.


Well this is a little strange. I’m not familiar with Mac Helpmate – and while it looks like a pretty cool app if they have embedded Vine Server I see no mention of that.

Can you try that test against Vine Server? It shouldn’t behave that way and so I’m wondering if it’s a bug in Mac Helpmate.

yeah, cool app.

so, I put a copy of VineServer on my local server, connected to it with Vine Viewer…

I highlighted a .txt file, hit Copy, and intantly got an error on my Viewer “Error Reading Remote Clipboard Data”
Clipboard Data Unavailable"

So that makes, me wonder, could it be PTHPasteboard?

So I quit PTH on both computers, and go back & hit Copy again. This time a 20 second delay (it’s a 4k file on the local lan) and then I can control the remote again.

So, I think there is a problem here, and it may be aggravated by PTH, but I don’t think it is PTH only

what are others’ experiences with Copying a file/folder on the remote machine?


I’m not seeing this sort of delay here. The way the Vine rich clipboard support is implemented, it normally doesn’t try to transfer file data from one system to another unless you hit paste on the opposite machine.

I just copied a 34MB file on the remote (well, across my desk) system, and pasted it into another folder on the remote machine, without any extra delay at all. Then, when I clicked in a Finder window on my local machine and pasted into a folder here, the file was copied across and pasted locally, which took about 20 seconds to transfer.

I think the problem you’re running into is caused by what might be called a “clipboard loop”. If I open a second connection to the same server, then copying even a small file there causes Vine to hang for a while, and eventually display an “Error Reading Remote Clipboard Data” message. So make sure you don’t have multiple connections between the machines (either connections going both ways, or more than one connection in the same direction). Those tend to cause problems as Vine works very hard to keep track of what’s being copied where by whom. :slight_smile:

ok, well, I just hit Copy on a 500 mb folder full of files (MS Office 2004 to be exact) , and thankfully Vine Viewer just told me “no” and didnt’ try to copy.

Otherwise, I would be totally hosed.

Since there is a limit built in somewhere, I would like to request that limit be made a variable & stick that variable in the prefs.


The following command typed in a Terminal window will let you set this limit to a different value for Vine Viewer (this example sets the limit to 2,500,000 bytes – a quarter of the default value):

defaults write com.redstonesoftware.Vine MaxFileTransferSize 2500000

To limit transfers in the other direction, set the same default in OSXvnc on your remote machine:

defaults write OSXvnc MaxFileTransferSize 2500000

Perfect for what I need.

-Allen Hancock