Disable network scanning


I’ve done ths on one mac but cant remember how to do it.

How do i disable network scanning so it doesn’t see other VNC clients on the LAN?



If you are asking about having Vine Server not advertise it’s availability then I think you want to disable Bonjour support in the “Sharing Tab”.

If you are asking about having Vine Viewer not scan for available servers then you can disable that by changing Vine->Preferences->“Upgate Connection Availability”.

In the Vine Viewer, even when “Update Connection Availability” is set to manually, all the Bonjour servers are still showing up in the connection list. We have many systems here and most of them are of no interest to the users. But they still clutter the Connection List and makes it hard for the user to find the correct server.

Unfortunately Bonjour discovery can’t be disabled in 1.1 Vine Viewer. However, we are getting very close to wrapping up the next release of Vine Viewer that DOES have this option.