Differents versions and try version

Hi all,

I have two or three question to ask you.

First of all, I would like to get a good description of each version (Green, Purple, node-locked and command line execution licenses). The informations witch are on your web site, don’t explain this to me.

I find that le Purple version contain a part witch maned “Productiveti”. What is this ? Is Productivety on the trial version ?

I tried Green et Purple trial versions and I don’t find the difference. Where is it ?

Thanks in advance

Eggplant Green is the entry-level version, providing all of the fundamental capabilities of Eggplant. This lets you automate processes and perform tests on any software running on any computer equipped with a VNC server.

Eggplant Green implements our visual approach to automation, to interact with the system under test “just like a user” – looking for elements on the screen by their appearance, and interacting through the keyboard and mouse. This approach is what enables Eggplant to automate pretty much anything, including tasks where other systems fail, such as non-standard custom controls.

Eggplant Purple builds on this foundation, adding capabilities that are indispensable in a professional software testing environment. The extra features include:

[list] Multiple Suites, to facilitate organization of scripts and images.

Script Debugging and Editing features to enable rapid development of more complex scripts.

Text Image Generation to provide dynamically-generated images of textual elements. This speeds script development, and facilitates testing of localized (multi-language) and cross-platform applications.

Multiple Connections can be open at once, allowing a single script to automate processes that span multiple machines.

Script Results are captured and reported automatically.

And more, including the ability to run Eggplant scripts from the Unix command line, to send email from a script, and to control movie creation within a script.
Our standard license keys are node-locked, meaning that they enable the software to run only on a specific machine. The same key won’t work on a different computer. We also offer “floating” licenses that let the software be used from any computer on a local network.

Command line execution licenses are used in production environments to run tests that have already been created. They don’t include the capability of developing test scripts, so they are really only useful in combination with one or more full licenses (node-locked or floating).

The word “Productiveti” is a term created by our marketing team, and is meant to convey how Eggplant Purple’s features will make you more productive. It doesn’t refer to any feature of the product specifically.

If you download a free trial copy of Eggplant, you will receive the Green edition, unless you specifically [url=http://www.redstonesoftware.com/products/purple/trial/index.html]request a Purple trial and receive and enter a Purple evaluation license key in response.

The latest version of Eggplant Green includes more detailed descriptions of the advanced capabilities found in the Purple edition (choose “About Eggplant Purple” from the Eggplant menu). It also lets you try some of the advanced features while you work.