Different OS/Browser combinations

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This is the first query that I am posting on the forum.

We are using Eggplant for compliance testing of our application. Our application is supported on different OS/Browser combinations like:

Window/IE , Windows/Mozilla FireFox, Windows/Netscape
MAC/Safari , MAC/Mozilla FireFox

We are generating scripts using Windows/Mozilla FireFox combination and testing the scripts on other combinations. But the scripts are failing to execute for other combinations. The images captured on Windows/Mozilla are different from the images found in MAC/Safari or MAC/Mozilla. For example, font, scrollbars and buttons appear differently on MAC/Safari and MAC/Mozilla
Do I need to capture the same images individually for these OS/Browser combinations and say ClickAny"…"
Do I need to change some settings on the Operating systems or the browsers so that all the controls and fonts appear alike on all OS/Browser combinations.

This is an urgent requirement. Please post ur replies at the earliest.

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Since changing the settings for the various operating systems and browsers does not guarantee that the images will be identical on all browsers it is recommended that you recapture the images for each combination.

As for scripting, you are correct in that ClickAny will work. The benefit of using the clickany approach is that you only need to write your script once, and the script(s) should work on all system/browsers. In addition, the ClickAny method is very simple to implement in that you only need to point the cursor at the location within your script where you want Eggplant to add an image (using Add Image or dragging images in) and the command will automatically update to its ‘Any’ form. However, the drawback to the clickany approach is that it can clutter your Images directory if the proper precautions are not taken to organize your images for each combination. Unless you’re looking for a more technical approach, stick with the ClickAny form.

If you’re curious to know what the other method involves (Helper Suites), consult the ‘Using Eggplant’ reference manual page 48.

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Your suggestions were of a great help.

Thanks a lot.