Difference in control-g commands?

Running a macro-type script on a PC SUT Eggplant 1.5:

I notice that the app likes (recognizes it):

TypeText “\c”
TypeText “G”
TypeText “\C”

but does NOT like:

TypeText “\cG\C”


TypeControl “g”

Is one of these commands better syntax or do you just need to do experiment to see which your command is recognized better in your application?



Both of these should work fine. If the second one isn’t working, try opening Eggplant > Preferences > Run Options > Keyboard and increasing the Next Key Delay setting; Eggplant may be typing this too quickly for your test system to respond to.

Unless you’ve written one, there is no TypeControl command. There is a TypeCommand command, which actually sends the Alt modifier to Windows SUTs.


My bad. :oops:

Yep I did write a TypeControl command

params key
TypeText "\c" & key & "\C"

but using it doesn’t work either so hopefully the next key delay setting would fix that too?



Yeah, if it fixes one, it should fix the other. Let me know how it goes.