Deleting multiple lines in the results tab crashes Eggplant

When I highlight multiple lines in the Results tab and use the delete button Eggplant would crash. I can only delete one or two lines at a time.

I would like to select all and delete all the log files from the Results tab.

What is causing this issue?


Thanks for the report. If something isn’t working in Eggplant, we want to know about it, especially if it causes a crash or other serious consequence! We’re not aware of any known issues with deleting results in the current version of Eggplant.

By far the best way to report bugs or problem issues in Eggplant is to select “Report Bug…” from the Help menu in Eggplant (after restarting it if necessary!). Please do this now. Reporting a bug in this way will send us additional information about your system, the version of Eggplant being used, and in the case of a crash it will also send us a crash log recorded automatically by the system, which is often indispensable in helping us track down and fix the problem.

Thanks! Proper reporting of bugs helps us fix them, so you don’t have to worry about them.

Thanks for the quick response.

I will send the info to Eggplant.

Have a great day!


What version of Eggplant are you running? This was a bug in an older version of the application (1.5 maybe?), but it was fixed.

We have Eggplant version 2.0.

I also submitted the bug report last week.

This bug has been fixed in the latest version of Eggplant (2.22).

Please let us know if this still isn’t working for you in the latest version or if you have any other questions.