Default images folder change

I am capturing images. Usually when I click on “Capture” it brings up a dialog box and puts the image into the default “images” folder. This is how I am used to it working.

Today however the default folder that it is throwing newly captured images into is a different folder (e.g. image001). When I look at my script it now reads something like
Click “image001/Close”

as opposed to my preferred

Click “Close”

How do I change this default captured image folder?

Hi fairfax,

Which OS are you running eggPlant on? I have seen this behavior before on my Windows installation of eggPlant, and I suspect it’s a bug. Without apparent reason, eggPlant starts to default to an image collection for saving images. I’ve just gotten into the habit of making sure the folder is set correctly in the panel that pops up, before I save the image, and you will definitely want to do this as well just to be safe.

I’m going to poke around in our bug tracking system to see if this issue is already documented, or if I need to add something for it.

Sorry there isn’t a more direct answer to your question.