Declaring the constants in a text file and retrieving


My text file contains:
aaa: “bbb”

and my script file contains only one statement

put the value of file “/aa.txt” into universal CONST

when I executed the script, I got the below error:

Script Failed
Sense talk compiler Exception:
in (null):
Syntax error at line 1:unkown - can;t understand “[end of script]” at or near character 1

Note: “/aa.txt” is in Documents folder.

Where went wrong?


You’ll need to give the proper path to the file. If the file is in the Documents folder then the path should be “~/Documents/aa.txt”.

The path you gave – “/aa.txt” – specifies a file at the root level of the file system. Since that file doesn’t exist, its value is empty, and the value function gives the error you indicated.


Thank you.
I checked the existing of the file in the directory using
“if there is a file”

The actual problem is with the text file.
It was actually .rtf file and I changed its extension to .txt

When I created seperate .txt file, I am able to read it.