Cursor on RITA desktop is out of control

I am using Tight VNC to connect to my SUT which is also my primary PC. When I pull up RITA and enable live mode, my cursor is moving all over the screeen and gets stuck in the upper left-hand corner of my screen. How do I get some reasonable control of the cursor?

I’m not entirely sure I understand this, but it sounds like your SUT is also the box you’re running the eggPlant connector from? That’s not going to work for a number of reasons. The cursor situation is because you’ve got one set of mouse events coming from the VNC connection (although the same thing would occur if you were sitting at the box and using its keyboard directly) and another set of mouse events coming back from the eggPlant connection, both trying to control the same mouse cursor. Your SUT needs to be a different machine than the one you run the eggPlant connector from.

Also please note that this type of issue should be sent to the Testplant support address – the forums are a tertiary support mechanism, intended as more of a community resource. If you have questions that you want to hear from other users about or you want to share something, then by all means, post it here, but if you need assistance to move forward with your use of our products, please contact us directly.

Oops, thanks! Sorry about that… I’m a new user :oops:

To answer your question. Yes, I’m using the eggplant connector on the same computer as my SUT. Time to re-evaluate!