CSLicensingClient-0.dll is missing from your computer?

When i run a script, the run window is not getting displayed.
Instead, it is throwing an error saying “CSLicensingClient-0.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix the problem”

When i searched for this .dll file, i found it in the system under the path “C:\Program Files\eggPlant\GNUstep\Tools”

I have attached the screenshot for the issue.

How to fix this issue?

This seems to be a windows7 issue and it is fixed now. thanks.

The forums are not the appropriate medium for urgent support requests. However, the issue here is how the application is being launched: You cannot run the exe that is located in the Eggplant.app folder. You have to launch the app using the eggPlant.exe or eggPlant.bat file located in the top level of the install directory. These files set up the paths that the eggPlant application needs to locate resources like CSLicensing-0.dll. The desktop and menu shortcuts point to the correct exe, so you should be able to launch the application successfully via those mechanisms.