Creating file on SUT rather than local machine

Hi all,

I have created my own log file, it is created on my system rather than the SUT. Is there a way to create this (preferably on the desktop)?

open file "/tmp/testresult.txt" for appending 

write  logarray & crlf  to file "/tmp/testresult.txt" 

close file "/tmp/testresult.txt" 

No, you generally can’t create a file directly on the SUT. The only way you can do so is to share the drive of the SUT and mount it as a drive on the eggPlant machine. Then you can write to that drive as part of the local file system.

Otherwise you would need to open a new file on the SUT using the same scripted steps that a user would use, and then either enter values into it using the TypeText command, or set the remoteClipboard and paste values into it.