Could not access password...

2006-11-03 12:09:49.895 osxvnc-server[1092] Waiting for clients
2006-11-03 12:09:51.091 osxvnc-server[1092] Protocol version 3.8
2006-11-03 12:09:51.092 osxvnc-server[1092] rfbAuthProcessClientMessage: Could not access password from /Users/****/Library/Keychains/vnchash
2006-11-03 12:09:51.092 osxvnc-server[1092] Could not access password file

Just started getting this error. I am starting up OSXvnc using this command:

/Applications/ -rfbport 0 -rfbauth /Users//Library/Keychains/vnchash -desktop "" -alwaysshared -dontdisconnect -localhost

The file is there in the Keychains directory and, using storepasswd, I have created a new hash but the problem remains.

We are both running 10.4.8, the OSXvnc server on an iBookG4, the client on a MacBook with COTVNC.

If you have setup VNC as a System Server (aka Startup Item) then it’s possible that the root user doesn’t have read permission on files in that directory.
Other than that I don’t have a particular suggestion without a little more information. You might see if putting that file in another location (if only temporarly) fixes the problem.


So, do I feel dumb. I was forgetting to ssh into my remote server before running the command line to start up osxvnc. As a result, I was booting osxvnc on the client and, of course, there the password was in a different place.