Could Automator and Eggplant work together?

Watched Steve Jobs WWDC 2004 keynote yesterday:

and I’m just wondering if any of the plans/capabilities for Automator:

Could be adopted into a future Eggplant version - at least maybe allowing you to import an Automator script into Eggplant and then run it on a Mac SUT.

If they aren’t really compatible ideas/applications then that’s cool I just was very impressed with Sal’s demo and it got me wondering.



Actually, I think testing a product’s Automator scripts is one of those areas where Eggplant will really shine. You’ll want to do regression tests of the Automator actions you provide, and I don’t know of a tool other than Eggplant that could be scripted to open Automator, build sets of actions, and verify what they do.

One thing I noticed about Automator is that it seems to deal pretty much in canned actions – you’re not just freely creating scripts to do anything in any sequence that you want, rather the applications say “Here are the things I can do”. I’m not sure how well that fits with Eggplant as a scripting alternative.

It’s also not going through the interface, but around it, which is – in our view – the problem with a lot of test tools. Given that the demo was being done by one of the AppleScript honchos, my supposition is that AppleScript is at the heart of Automator, so you’re looking at direct object interaction – useful at times, but not the Eggplant paradigm.

That’s my take on what I’ve seen so far. It’s hard to say how my opinion might change once I’ve had a chance to see it and try it.