Corrupted Display

Hi All

I have been running OSXVNC 1.71 on an XServe running 10.4.4 Server accessing it using CotVNC 2.0b4 running on OSX 10.3.9.

All was well until I updated the Xserve to 10.4.5. Now when I connect using CotVNC after an XServe reboot I get the usual OS X login with an OS X desktop. However as soon as I login the screen corrupts. There are bands of horizontal lines running across the page which corrupts the display to the extent that I can’t see the desktop.

I have since upgraded the Xserve to 10.4.6 using OS X Server Admin but the screen corruption returns again once I login.

It’s really odd that it only happens once I login. It’s fine until I hit the login button!

Any ideas ?

Does the account you’re logging into use the same screen resolution as the login screen? CotVNC may not handle changes in resolution while it’s connected – if so that would explain why it happens when you log in.

That sounds like what’s happening - part of the update may have even changed the Login and/or User default screen resolution. You might try disconnecting and reconnecting once you’ve logged in.

If you have SSH access to the machine you might also shell in and launch a new VNC server to connect to.

I had this problem, the way to resolve it is to set up you Mac so that a user automatically logs in, bypassing the login in screen and then connect.