Consistency Is Really Important

It should be pretty obvious to users of an image based testing system that consistency really be adhered to. Yesterday I ran into a couple of issues that really made me groan; both dealt with identical situations being handled in slightly different ways. The first was the use of UPPER CASE vs. Title Case text while the second dealt with a slightly different point size being used. ClickAny or AnyImageFound with multiple image captures could have been used but fortunately our lead architect said we should go back to the developers and work with them on being consistent.

Learn from this Grasshopper…

This is a great point paralleler. We’ve found that often when Eggplant detects a problem like this, even when you could easily resolve the issue in the script, it points out a usability problem that should actually be addressed in the program itself. We think that using Eggplant actually helps improve the user interface of the applications being tested by pointing out these kinds of inconsistencies. In the words of another Eggplant customer: “If I just broke Eggplant then I probably just broke the user too”.

I might add that we recently found a panel in Eggplant that had a slightly larger font on what was otherwise a standard button. We discovered this because our Eggplant script that tests Eggplant couldn’t find the button.