Connection to server ... lost and could not be reestablished

Hi - I’m evaluating Vine Viewer, and really want to use it as it’s the first VNC viewer I’ve found for OS X that offers scaling of the display. However, I’ve hit a roadblock.

Trying to connect inside my home network to a Windows XP (SP2) machine running the UltraVNC 1.0.2 server. Connections using Chicken of the VNC 2.0b4 work just fine, but any attempt to connect to the same machine using Vine Viewer (1.0) result in the following error message:

Any pointers, please?

There appears to be an incompatibility with the ZlibHextile encoding used in UltraVNC and the one used in Vine Viewer.

You can disable ZlibHextile by going to Vine Viewer > Preferences -> VNC , and unchecking the Zlib Hextile Box.

Excellent! That seems to have solved it - now have a highly responsive connection and can start my evaluation proper!

Thanks for your help, Jonathan.