Connection issues

First, let me apologize for posting a topic that may have been addressed many times before.

I recently installed Vine Server on iMac running OSX 10.5 and I am trying to connect remotely with my Windows XP machine using UltraVNC and RealVNC.
The iMac has been set with a static IP address and I have set my router to forward the necessary port(s) to that address.

I am able to connect when I am behind the router, using the internal IP address, but I cannot connect using the external IP.

I am sure that I am missing something very simple, but what else should I check.

Any and all suggestions will be truly appreciated.

Hi there!

Since you’re able to accept connections, it sounds as if you have it all right on the iMac and Vine Server. (I don’t think there’s anything you can be missing there; local and remote connections are all created equal once you get past the router.)

If you’re trying to connect from work (or some other network with a very vigilant admin,) it could be that your Windows XP machine isn’t allowed to talk on the VNC ports.

If you can connect to other VNC servers from your Windows machine, my next guess would be a typo or missed step in your port forwarding. It’s happened to me? I typed the IP address, typed the port range, saved the changes… but didn’t notice the little “enable” checkbox. (Do a lot of people set up port forwarding so they can not use it? ) :? :wink: